Executive/Non-Executive Selection

Leading an employee owned business is different.  When you are accountable to the people who report to you, there is an added emphasis on communication skills, business acumen and vision.

You can focus on the long term success of the business rather than always having one eye on the quarterly share price.  Decisions can be made and implemented more quickly as your people are better informed and ready to act.  Leadership is also very rewarding – managing people who have a real stake in the success of the business unleashes energy and commitment some businesses can barely dream of.

Ownership Associates can also advise on recruiting for other positions within your business. After all, it’s not just a job you’re trying to fill, it’s an owner for your business. Recruiting the right attitude is business critical and support can be given from initial job design through advertising and candidate sourcing to the selection process itself.  Ownership Associates can also help you with induction and orientation for new recruits.

Companies newly into employee ownership often find it valuable to have an experienced advisor on hand either in a non executive role, or as an independent trustee on your Employee Benefits Trust Board. Ownership Associates has an unrivalled knowledge of players in the employee owned sector and can identify individuals who bring this experience and will be a good fit for your company.

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