Ownership Culture Survey

Do your employees think, feel and act like owners?

How much do people understand about their rights and responsibilities as employee owners?

How fair is management perceived to be?

Is the workforce adequately informed and involved in their business?

The Ownership Culture Survey is a comprehensive, customisable employee survey designed specifically to measure attitudes within employee owned businesses.  It was developed by Ownership Associates Inc.’s founder Dr Chris Mackin and provides data to benchmark your business against other employee owned firms and identifies what your company does well, and where it could do better.

The survey comprises 150 questions to choose from and can be completed on-line or by paper.  Ownership Associates will work with you to design the survey using questions and demographic items which will best meet your company’s objectives.

The survey report will provide:

  • A descriptive summary of how your company performed, with specific recommendations based on your results
  • An overview chart that shows how your company performed against the database for each question
  • A “best and worst scores” chart
  • A chart that displays what percent of employees are cynics, sceptics, neutral, high potential, or champions when it comes to employee ownership
  • A demographic overview chart that depicts how different subgroups performed, accompanied by a descriptive summary of the demographic results
  • Data charts that give more detailed information on each question, grouped by topic
  • Written responses are categorised by issue (if an open ended-question was included on the survey)


Contact us now for a free and no obligation conversation on how the Ownership Culture Survey will help you get the best from your employee ownership structure. 


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