Employee Owners Training Event – Schedule


Day 1

12noon:          Lunch and Introductions

12.45 pm:       Objectives and scene setting

Why are we here?

13.30pm:        What is employee ownership?

Overview of Employee Ownership at home and away, the political developments, forms and structures

14.30pm :       How does employee ownership really work?

Governance structures and key elements, accountability, role of employee representatives, Trustee/Director/Management relationships

15.15pm:  Break 

15.30pm:          Employee Trusts

Examination of EBTs and EOTs, position in company’s governance and decision making structures, what is the role of trustees.

16.30pm:         Assessing Company Performance Part 1 

What is strategy? Who owns strategy?  How do you know your board is on the right road?How do you measure success?

17.30pm:         Case Studies 


Day 2

8.45am:          Recap and Objective Assessment

9.15am:           Measuring Company Performance Part 2

Key numbers- turnover, profit and cash. Interpreting financial information. Non financial measures of performance

10.30am         Option 1 : Share Schemes and SIP Trustees

For companies with SIPs in operation.  Review of SIP rules, role of SIP Trustee, Decision      making exercises

Option 2: Maximising the Employee Trust 

For Trust only companies. Review of EOTs and EBTs, what is collective ownership, EOT distributions

11.15am           Break

11.30am          Ownership Culture 

What is it? How do you know you have it? What is employee voice? Combatting apathy and negativity, balancing rights and responsibilities.

12.30pm:        Lunch

1.15pm:           How do you know you’re winning?

Recognising, communicating and celebrating success. Rewarding effort and achievement.

2.00pm:          Making it Happen 

Action planning, prioritising, time management and goal setting.

2.30pm:          Finish


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