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Comment How employee ownership can rebuild organisational trust No ratings yet.

In a market driven by customer choice, firms are increasingly recognising that success is reliant on their ability to innovate, incubate and take bold decisions. This environment requires leaders who are prepared to make the shift away from traditional thinking and behavioural norms; and employees who care strongly about contributing to their employers’ success. Following the traditional path will no longer lead to increasing market share.

This progressive thinking and courageous action requires more than simply attracting and hiring the best but giving them a real stake in the business. Over the last 20-30 years, the way we feel about work has changed significantly and employers need to create a deep-rooted culture of trust across the organisation, underpinned by clear and meaningful action that demonstrates that people come first.

Employee-owned businesses like John Lewis & Partners – and PA Consulting – are part of the solution. Giving employees a stake in business ownership not only creates a sense of purpose and connection to a greater good, but also gives employee-owners more skin in the game – driving the desire to innovate and win in the market.

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