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    Carole Leslie

    One of the frustrations voiced at last week’s training event was how difficult it was to keep employee ownership “fresh” in the companies. After the initial excitement of a company becoming employee owned, it can be a challenge to ensure employees remain engaged with ownership, and interest is maintained in what employee ownership means. A huge thanks to Ian Slater who described how they manage this at Rowlinson Knitwear. Ian brought along some samples of the documents they use to remind people of how the company is owned, and the benefits of being an employee owner.

    Most companies present did use employee ownership as part of their branding. For example, on email signatures, uniforms, and often as part of the logo. One of the Clansman Dynamics attendees reported that the customers were very positive about the company’s employee ownership status.

    We agreed that companies are missing a trick if they don’t shout about their employee ownership inside and outside of the business. It would be great to share ideas and examples of effective ways to do this.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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