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Embedding a productive ownership culture takes time, it is important that everyone understands what it really means to be an employee owner. It involves training and advising the Board, Management Team and the Employee Trust on the different way of doing things in the new Employee Owned structure.

Employee Ownership fruition is also about effective engagement with the employee body to help the business reach new heights.
At Ownership Associates we are able to help new employee owners to understand the ownership concept and give you advice and training to ensure the vision of successful employee ownership becomes a working reality.
Merely changing the legal structure of a company doesn’t change behaviours or make people feel differently about their work. A number of elements have to be in place before the real benefits are unleashed.
Ownership Associates will work with you as you develop the necessary understanding and core skills to bring the reality of employee ownership to fruition.

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New Ownership Vision

What’s the vision for the organisation?  What were the drivers that led to employee ownership?  How does ownership impact on the company’s strategy? What does it mean for employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders?

Often this vision is articulated in the Trust Deed; the document that governs how the company should run.

Ownership Understanding

The Key to a successful employee owned business is educated employee owners.  Employees have to know “how” they own the business.  How is the voice of employees heard within the company? How is ownership exercised in the face of poor leadership?  Are people’s expectations of employee ownership realistic?

Ownership Skills

Running a business isn’t easy.  Getting to grips with the key numbers and the performance measures can be quite a task, particularly for non-financial people. Understanding how the business makes money, where it spends money and where it sits in the market is fundamental in achieving a successful ownership culture.

Ownership Values

What does your company stand for?  How do you do business?  It’s a mistake to assume everyone knows and lives the company’s values.  Articulating what the company is about is the first step in building a team of company owners aligned with the organisation’s goals.

Participation skills

Employee ownership isn’t management by committee, but effective communication is key to making ownership work. Building confidence, setting ground rules for meetings, supporting people in making their voice heard is all instrumental in creating a productive and inclusive working environment.

Organisational architecture

Getting the right structures in place to facilitate the flow of information and ideas throughout the organisation is key.  Is there an employee council with a clear purpose and function?  Are elected employees positions respected?  Does the company’s governance system serve its needs?

Training Courses

Have a broader understanding of employee ownership. Gain an insight into how to assess company performance. Be better informed on the workings of trusts and share schemes. Have new and tried & tested ideas on making ownership work.

Return to the workplace energized and enthused.

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