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  • Role : Director
Following a varied career in HR, sales, marketing, recruitment and IT, in 2002 Carole joined an IT consultancy that subsequently pursued an employee buyout. Employee ownership was an unknown concept back then, and having been elected as the company’s first Employee Director, Carole was in demand for explaining to other companies and organisations what that meant.
In 2005, Carole was invited to join what was then Baxi Partnership, the specialist employee ownership consultancy that funded and supported employee buyouts. Carole’s role was to work with the investee organisations in developing an ownership culture.
Interest in employee ownership began to grow and in 2010, Carole was asked to join the Employee Ownership Association for a few months. This became a two year role as Policy Director where Carole was instrumental in bringing in the legislation that saw the changes in taxation for employee ownership transactions, a game changer for the sector.
At the same time, Carole formed her own consultancy to support more companies into employee ownership, and help existing employee owned companies achieve the best outcomes for their owners.  She worked with one of the world’s leading experts in employee ownership, Professor Chris Mackin of Harvard and Rutger Universities, to establish Ownership Associates UK.
The premise of Ownership Associates is that successful employee ownership is built on having an inspiring vision, the appropriate structures and the participative working culture to truly unleash the power of employee ownership.  It’s when employees think, feel and act like owners, that you know you’ve got it right.