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Beginning your Employee Ownership journey, as a business owner, is all about your vision, your options (including an Employee Ownership Trust or EOT), your tax benefits, discovering what’s involved in the process and fleshing it out to ensure you achieve what you want.

The main reason business owners consider employee ownership is because they are looking for a business succession solution. If you are looking ahead to the time when you will want to retire, the traditional options open to you have their downsides. You could sell to a competitor but this is unattractive and most trade sales often result in disruption to the company and potential relocation affecting jobs and customer relationships.

Then there is the option of a management buyout which would keep ownership within the firm, but in reality, only defer the issue of succession as at some point, that management team will also be looking for an exit.

Fortunately there is another option that delivers what you need, what the business needs and what your employees need. Click here to contact us for more information



The company can continue in a stable ownership model that is proven to provide a strong platform for success


Fair market value can be achieved at company sale


You can set the pace of your own exit from the company and you can influence the future shape of the company to a large extent 


Employees know that as long as they continue to make the company commercially successful, their employment is safe


Customer and supplier relationships are maintained, and now that all employees have a stake in the business, everyone is committed to better service


The company remains local. Many businesses play an important role in their local communities. Employee ownership anchors the company in the area, providing jobs and opportunities for local people


There are taxation benefits for owners who sell to their employees

Training Courses

Have a broader understanding of employee ownership. Gain an insight into how to assess company performance Be better informed on the workings of trusts and share schemes. Have new and tried & tested ideas on making ownership work.

Return to the workplace energized and enthused.

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You can get things started. It’s all about your vision, your options, your tax benefits, discovering what’s involved in the process and fleshing it out to ensure you achieve what you want.

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